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Artist Bio

I am Harry Chadwick a sculptural artist working predominantly in metal and glass. I weld, fold, and form metal into sculptural pieces encapsulating glass be it sheet, blown or cast. I am inspired by anything that comes into my field of vision, from the natural world or the man made that surrounds as I walk through life, it is all food for my artistic endeavours. Everything I make invariably inspires the next piece to be conjured up in my minds eye. Not all of what I think of will see the light of day or even escape the confines of my mind, they will be stored to resurface at a later date. However those that do are often produced to pose a question, sometimes serious, sometimes to prompt nostalgic thoughts and even occasionally just to get a why from the viewer. I always endeavour to please and promote discussion because that for me is what art should do, bring people together through conversation.

Some of my work is currently available at 45 Southside Gallery
45 Southside Street, Plymouth, PL1 2LD

Tel: 01752 224974 | Email:
Opening Hours: 10:00 am to  5:00 pm, 7 days a week.

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